ChefDance Social

Welcome to ChefDance Social - a permanent culinary haven where food meets culture.

After two decades of captivating the palates of the elite during the Sundance Film Festival, ChefDance founders Mimi Kim and Kenny Griswold are delighted to welcome you to their permanent concept.

Join us for a truly unparalleled experience in the market, including an opening menu by Culinary Partner and James Beard Award-winning Chef Shawn McClain, alongside esteemed Executive Chef Jordan Harvey.
Staying true to its origins, ChefDance Social will feature a rotating lineup of world-renowned guest chefs, including Michelin-starred, James Beard nominated, and emerging up-and-coming chefs, ensuring a diverse and dynamic culinary experience season after season.

CULinary x culture

Diners at ChefDance Social can expect a world-class food and beverage program with an emphasis on delivering premiere guest experiences. The vision for ChefDance extends beyond the plate; it's a venue for curated prix fixe dinners, exclusive food-forward events, intimate social gatherings, and unique after-dinner musical performances that blend gastronomy with some of the biggest names entertainment for once-in-a-lifetime experiences.
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FEB 01-31 2024
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A native of Puglia, a southern region of Italy, Luigi Fineo’s cuisine transcends guests on a culinary journey through Italy’s majestic Mediterranean terrain. As the youngest of five growing up in the small, picturesque town of Gioia Del Colle, Luigi was schooled in selecting the finest seasonal ingredients while accompanying his mother to the local markets. At an early age, Luigi learned that the kitchen is central to the hearts and minds of all Italian families, and the seeds of his passion were sewn.
Having honed his craft at the renowned Casetellana Grotte culinary school in Puglia, Luigi travelled north to the heart of Tuscany, where he worked in Michelin-starred restaurants alongside acclaimed chefs such as Francesco Berardinelli and Karl Baumgartner.

Despite having no knowledge of the English language, Luigi voyaged to the United States in order to share his passion for traditional Italian cuisine, and the spirit of social gatherings that have taken place around kitchen tables throughout Italy for centuries.

In 2008, Luigi’s perfectionism paid off when he was bestowed with a prestigious Michelin Star award while working as Executive Chef at La Botte Ristorante in Santa Monica, CA. Luigi earned the restaurant’s first-ever Michelin Star for two consecutive years, making him the youngest chef in the USA to be anointed with this honor.
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